1. Jesus, Plugs, Swear Words…Los Angeles.

    unplug. debug. no hug. just a tug. at the hem of his garment. on the red carpet. fancy but real. no sex appeal. no smiling faces. in all the places. you go. with all the people you barely know. wanting to be close. but at a distance praying for a discerning spirit cuz people be doing the most. ain’t real at all. just waiting to watch you fall. but you don’t blame it on them at all. it was the ones before them who did it in order to look tall. the nature of this cage. the nature of this age. shit passes by so fast that you miss the moment. but all they say is to live in the moment. i’m so confused. my sense of what’s certain is becoming abused. and in this i become nostalgic. homesick. take me back there. that place where love was real and i didn’t have to be “on”. i could turn “off”. no make up. but i’m still fine. still just gorgeous. and plain as day i get the same amount of attention that the best whore gets. cuz in this land it’s a competition. and as loud as you scream sometimes no one listens. and that quick you’re over it. sober quick. waiting on someone to see how great you are. tired of proving to yourself that you’re a star. in the sky. next to the moon. that we are all looking at. waiting to get to that next destination. trying to stay on. playing a new song. praying you can keep performing when you don’t feel like it. you can fight the “laziness” even if you don’t feel like it. cuz truth is…there’s no sloth in you. sometimes a bitch just wants to unplug. and debug. not giving out no hugs. i’m just tryna touch the hem of his garment….

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  5. He. He. You. Me. Us. We. Our…Crazy.

    Out here looking crazy. Out of body experience wearing straight jackets. Looking around trying to see what it is I’m lackin. How can I make you love me. Think more of me. Run your mind. Something like you do mine. Something like I’m in jail and not sure how to do the time. this time. Banging on the bars with my coffee mug. Trying to stay awake making sure I’m on point. Cuz you just may come around and let me out. Some time soon. Sometime around noon. Is what they say. Mid day. Not first thing in the morning when you’re fresh in my thoughts. Til I go to the mirror & remind myself that I’m a bad bitch and I ought. Not even play myself like this. Like that. And like this. Cuz I’m still clenching my fist. Palms bleeding, cut up by everything I wanna say but I aint that brave. And I suck at anything involving something that needs to be saved..or managed. So don’t take advantage. of the fact that everything comes out at once. And I look like a dunce. I look crazy. But I bet you I won’t look lazy. I’ll work…grind…and whatever else you need to make you love me. make you think of me. make you miss me. make you wanna kiss me. Mid conversation. Make you wanna start over. experience me all over again. Mid revelations. Make you think I’m the best shit ever. Even though you might have had better. Nah fuck that. You know what it is. I know what it is. Let’s just quit playing. And start saying what we feel. Be real. And stop looking crazy apart. Only in our separate hearts. And be out of our minds together. Padded walls. Straight jackets. Running each others minds. While we run alongside. You and I. He and he. You and me. Me and you. Us. We. Our. That’s a better choice of pronouns….


  6. time&moments…just stop and feel her up.

    When it’s time will you wallow in fear? Will you fight through your tears. Tasting the salt of your pain and hard work. Hoping that someone sees you so they can jerk. You into the future where you know you belong. Becoming the song. That everyone sings. inspiring the ones who have no hope to bring. to the table. just weights on their ankles. slowing down their progress wearing hand cuffs of self doubt. loathing in the thought and the words. someone either spoke or didn’t speak. will the acid of your confidence leak and burn their insecurities. will you be their hero even when when your cape becomes your very insecurities. Will the very thing that helps you fly feel like it’s going to be the reason you die. will you learn to accept it and put it on instead of your uniform. because their so uniform. and you know you’ll stand out. stamp out. mailed to your future where you know you should be. forgetting the present is who needs you to be. everything so that the coming moments. aren’t wasted. aren’t tasted but eaten. enjoyed like it needs to be. not feared. but revered. cuz the time is slowly approaching in the shadows. and you can’t be mad though. cuz everytime the sun shines you can see her. the time. the time in your shadow. it’s here under this hot burning sun of our dreams and desires. and if you don’t appreciated then she’ll be gone. because not only is she coming but she’s here. the time. your time. the drop of a dime. she costs nothing but means everything. when you’re fighting through your tears. salty taste buds. tears and sweat. now with the copper taste in your blood. coming from your heart pumping for the love. of the reason you fight and what your fighting for. in this moment. that is here. one drop of blood. one drop of sweat. and one tear to fill up this moment. to feel up this moment. so lets not kill off this moment. by wanting the future so much….


  8. .

    don’t really know the best way to start so I’ll start. how prophetic when i feel like the enemy is throwing darts. at the beginning of my start. my start when i’m trying to figure out what HE put in my heart. and yes these words may sound a little holy. especially for those that know me. But I don’t think I care. I can’t, gotta keep my eyes fixed on what’s real. what’s gonna heal. what’s gonna provide. what’s gonna pay my bills. or WHO…

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    no angel.


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    february is very very very accurate

    and march :o

    June tho ❤️

    August could not be more wrong… but it says if I reblog I’ll meet the love of my life. FINGERS CROSSED

    im a march girl! ^^

    august bitch

    Shhh I’m December y’all.

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